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The Internet in real life

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

You and I are living on a different dimension every time we step up to a computer. The internet is a place that isn't tactile, yet has created profound change in the way we live. We're used to thinking of the internet as a place, Other Than Here.

But, in reality, the internet can still be a real place. It could even be in the vicinity of Wilshire and Grand in downtown LA's Financial District, in a building called One Wilshire. Angelenos would most likely recognize the place as they emerge from the 7th and Metro station. Its big block letters announce One Wilshire with no argument.

Courtesy of Center for Land Use Interpretation
Yet, this isn't just a building, New York Times reveals that it  "is one of the world’s largest data-transfer centers — tenants include network, cloud and information-technology providers — and serves as a major West Coast terminus for trans-Pacific fiber-optic cables."

Philadelphia-based photographer David Greer captured this building on film, and many other across the country, the obscure, anonymous buildings that house what we know as the internet.

What else make up the bones of this ghostly ether we call the internet? Check out Greer's photos on New York Times. For a tour of One Wilshire, check out the Center for Land Use Interpretation's online exhibit.


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