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King King's freewheeling dance floor

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I love to dance, but one of the first exposures I had to Los Angeles was the pretentiousness of the Hollywood dance floor. Women dressed in tight dresses you could hardly move in. Men on the move. Everyone's eyes looking afar, as if waiting for something exciting to happen. I hated it all.

But, I soon found that not all Hollywood dance floors are created alike. Every third monday of the month, just like this April 20th, King King in Hollywood becomes a haven for dance professionals and enthusiasts wanting to just let loose. Gone is the self-conscious atmosphere I abhor and instead it's replaced by a welcoming, experimental vibe.

As Rachel Levin writes for the Los Angeles Times: the Floor, a unique multi-genre dance night held every third Monday at Hollywood's King King, anything's possible (except, perhaps, the sprinkler). Because it attracts professional dancers and dance enthusiasts from all over the stylistic map, you're just as likely to glimpse a swing dance couple sweeping through the circle with flips and aerials as a pair of tango dancers gliding across in a sultry embrace, or a tap dancer banging out a jazzy freestyle duet with the band's saxophonist.
Everyone has a little something to share, from all genres of dance and it comes together in such a beautiful, organic way. Here's a glimpse:

These few clips fail to do justice to the night. They mostly show one or two dancers and their moves, but in reality, many circles form, each with dancers just looking to have some fun.

So, if you're in the mood to dance, but don't want to don skyscraper heels and tight skirts, here's where I suggest you go. The party starts pretty late, so don't enter too early!


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