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Filipino street food inspired wares

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

My childhood in Manila is filled with happy memories of buying cheap food from the streets. After classes, I would look forward to buying a small cup of taho, a sweet tofu dish, from the street vendor. Fish balls on sticks or homemade cheese ice cream were just the ticket to fix my munchies.

This happy association would explain my elation when I came across artist Meggy de Guzman's ceramic edition of street food dishware. de Guzman uses bone china to create her quote-unquote dirty ice cream cups, styro cups and paper plates. Her choice of material elevates the dishware, yet its form continues to embody those youthful moments of happiness.

What a way to hold onto the past :)

The dirty ice cream set. All of it is made from bone china. According to de Guzman, it also " works for taho, coffee, juice, gin, vodka, whisky..."


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