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Ciclavia comes to the Valley!

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Walking is such a different way of experiencing the city and one event that consistently allows people to re-imagine their urban space is CicLAvia. Now on their 12th edition, the now amazingly popular car-free event is finally, finally coming to the Valley!

Their website promises a lot of fun activities: nature walks, performances, art for adults and kids, but really we're all out there to get a little sun with our neighbors. As usual, the folks at CicLAvia took some time to do a little neighborhood guide to help residents and newcomers alike get oriented, but some enterprising cyclists have also taken the time to write a guide of their own, touting their favorite spots around the 5.5-mile route. Check them out here and here.

I often find myself getting off the North Hollywood red line station, but never realized it was the third most popular Metro stop. I also noticed this plaque to Firefighter Thomas G. Taylor, but never knew the sad story behind it.

If you're like me, you're already wondering, how do I get there? There are a couple of options, which Joe Linton breaks down at Streetsblog LA. If you plan to take the bus, they've come up with a handy visual to see bus rerouting maps here.

My best tip, bring water and have fun! Take your time and step into every cute little shop you see. They're sure to have something cooking.

We don't yet have awesome photos like those below, but by Sunday I hope we will!

CicLAvia - Heart of LA
By Serena Grace/Flickr

By KW/ Flickr

CicLAvia - Heart of LA
By Serena Grace/ Flickr


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