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Never say never

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

It's February and I'm only now getting back into the swing of 2015, but if there were something I had to remember all throughout this year, it's to never stop trying.

Yesterday, I was part of an amazed audience, watching as the New England Patriots snatched the Super Bowl championship from the grasp of the Seattle Seahawks. At the waning moments of the game, I'm sure everyone had given the victory over to the Seahawks---everyone but the Patriots.

During the last play, an unknown player Malcolm Butler intercepted the opposing team's game-winning pass, turning the game's resolution on a dime. It was Butler's first career interception. Never before has he ever intercepted a football for his professional team before this.

Life often plays us the same way. We stand before an opposing force, individual, or situation and we think, "They are obviously going to win." And unconsciously, we give up the fight. We lose our fighting spirit. Yesterday's Super Bowl shows us, that isn't the way to go. Even in the last waning minutes of a losing game, things can still take a turn for the better. The key is not to give the opposition the win, before the game is decided.

It's difficult. I agree. I've been faced with many situations where my logical mind races to the conclusion and conceded defeat. But this year, it will be different. It will take a measure of self-confidence, security, and a sense of my worth, but until midnight rings on 2016, my goals will remain my goals, no compromises.

What are your New Year's resolutions? How resolute are you?

Here's a clip from last night's Super Bowl, if you need a little inspiration.


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