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Layered Histories in Kreuzberg

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Until now, I find myself looking back at the moment I found this in Berlin. It wasn't a Cold War era building or a classical government structure, but it was something better, I thought. It was signs of life.

Berlin is a strange city, filled with so much character. On one hand, it is ground zero for much of Cold War era politicking. Yet, it is also the sandbox of creativity thanks to low, low rents and a young creative population. It was the latter that fascinated me and also the latter that eluded me.

Here, in these layered posters, I saw clues that something came before. Epic nights occurred and once-in-a-lifetime memories were made. In reality, they were just concert posters plastered one over the other in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, but I saw more. I love the beautifully curling of paper pasted upon paper, much like memories layer over us again and again, creating a unique whole.


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