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Edinburgh's Castles and Churches

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I noticed that in Edinburgh, their big monuments aren't pristine and perfect. Like the city, it's worn and obviously loved. The stones aren't white or beige; they look as if they've gone through a bit of fire. Or is that centuries of water build up?

Either way, its rough and tumble majesty reminds me a lot of the city itself. It's beautiful, in a wild way. As if it had gone through centuries of triumph and tribulation and it's still standing.

The Scotsman Hotel was the first thing that caught my eye as we got out of the train station. It's been around since 1900. It was the home for a newspaper operation and then turned into a hotel.
The Edinburgh Wheel and the Edinburgh Castle behind it.
St. Giles' Cathedral and its recognizable crown spire


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