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Dawn at Cambridge

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

One of my favorite memories of Cambridge was getting up early in the morning and exploring the little town. Unlike big cities, a place like Cambridge seems to sleep. As my sister and I walked up and down the cobbled roadways in the deserted town, a few trucks passed by, a few cyclists whizzed past, but finally, we had time to really look at our surroundings and peruse the small window shops.

The Round Church
A mishmash of architectural styles.
Pretty deserted
We noticed the emblems festooned on the historic buildings. We finally got a chance to photograph the chair leg that replaced King Henry VIII's scepter at Trinity College. We traded stories with a lovely baker, who pointed us in the direction of the Bridge of Sighs.

An idyllic River Cam scene
Even the rain gutters had emblems
The king's "scepter"
Simon, the baker, who helped us find our way
The inside of the Bridge of Sighs. We got it all to ourselves!
In the hour or so that my sister and I were out, we talked, we strolled, we bonded. It was perfect. It could have happened anywhere, I suppose, but I'd like to think the roads of Cambridge were perfect for strengthening some sisterly bonds. It was well worth the sudden urge to nap I got at mid-day.


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