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Bikes and Babies

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

It seems that cycling is a part of the culture in Japan. Everywhere I looked people were on two wheels going from place to place. Coming from a city that's still trying to convince cyclists it's safe to come out to the streets, that was a pleasure to see.

Here are some shots of cyclists in their daily routine: from moms with three kids strapped onto her to working women in heels on bikes.

Sharing the road with cars and bikes. Photo by: Carren Jao.
A mom and her child. Photo by: Carren Jao
Super mom with three kids on her bike. Photo by: Carren Jao.

Classy lady on bike. Photo by: Carren Jao.
Big deliveries on bike. Photo by: Carren Jao.
Woman in heels on a bike. Photo by: Carren Jao.
Bike parking in front of the grocery. Photo by: Carlos Pineda.


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