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Moche: a Peruvian discovery

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't have a clear picture of Peru. I probably still don't, but after a quick trip to Lima and Cusco (home of Machu Picchu), I have a better picture.

Peru is a thriving country, it seems. When I arrived, the tour guide was talking about the country's extraordinary growth. It's apparently one of the fastest growing economies in the world (!) A quick look around Lima affirms that. Cranes were everywhere and each corner seemed full of new construction projects. 

Aside from the country's prosperity, I also discovered beautiful ceramics by the Moche people, a pre-Incan civilization that flourished in the northern part of the country. Their work is amazing! Considering they lived between 100 to 700 AD, their ceramic showed realistic sculpture heads that almost seemed alive. I loved the patterns they included in their red-cream colored pottery. Here's more about the Moche civilization.

Don't these look almost alive to you? The one on the left also vaguely reminds me of a Samurai.
At the local museum, I also found some exquisite examples of metallurgy, not necessarily from the Moche people, but from the pre-Incan civilizations. These guys knew how to make bling!

Something gold and amazingly detailed. I'm not sure for what use though.

A gold vest! Imagine wearing this for long periods of time.
These pre-Incas make no bones about boning, I see.


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