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Poetry in the City

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

They say writers have a tough time in the world economy, but then what about poets? I found myself pondering that question as I kept on running into poetry in the city.

At Bryant Park, a young man with long-ish curly hair sat patiently waiting for people to approach. On his sign, it says, "1 Poem = $1."

In Los Angeles, Jacqueline Suskin, who I first read about in the LA Times,  is a fixture in the Hollywood Farmer's Market, hawking a sense of romance in the everyday. Her stand was also at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery last Sunday. It looked she was on break when I was there though.

Still, I wonder, in this day and age when poetry can be Googled, how do these modern day poets make sense of their place in the city?

Photo by Shelby Duncan
Photo by Shelby Duncan


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