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Bits of Brooklyn

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

On my latest trip to New York, I found myself making lists to see not Manhattan, but Brooklyn. How strange! I suppose that's a reflection of how much interest there in the borough, but also how much is going on.

Unlike Manhattan, Brooklyn feels much wider and larger. It's not chockfull of activity, but every so often something pops up: a cool mural, an amazing activist poster, or a quirky looking storefront. It reminded me more of the Arts District here in Los Angeles with all its industrial warehouses gradually giving way to adaptive reuse spaces.

While visiting the Hyperallergic office, I was taken on a wonderful walk around the neighborhood. Yes, there is much to explore in Brooklyn, but our short walk was a great start.

Thanks, Hrag! I can hear your passion for Brooklyn, art and all things creative as we walked through every corner.

A ROA right after getting off the subway.
The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord is so picturesque that I almost forget I had just walked past some construction site. 
Save an abandoned building or turn into something new? It's a question Brooklyn is going to have to keep on answering. 
The Wythe is worth a stay. I love that they use local artists to give the rooms a Brooklyn flavor.

Ironworked homage to a skater.
FKDL was all over the place!

Judith Supine has all of Brooklyn as her canvas. 
This Gummi has been a bad bear.
Amy Winehouse by Miss Me has some strange cultural influences, which make it all the better.
Street art with text by B.D. White.
My favorite by Icy and Sot. As Hrag says, on a particularly blustery day in Brooklyn, this piece somehow has compassion. It almost walks right beside you and commiserates with you.
Paul Richard's tar paintings are beautifully gestural.


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