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More Hollywood

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I walked a bit of Hollywood a few weeks ago. Though I always get off the Metro stations on the Boulevard, I don't get to walk around too much. I often go straight to my destination. This time, I took a few turns around the neighborhood.

Oh, so this is where Space 15 Twenty is! I have only just read about it. 
On the same note, "Oh, here's Hennessey + Ingalls!"
Hennessey + Ingalls would be a great place to find LA-specific cards to send to friends
I like the red frieze on this building.
I wouldn't want to spend the night here, but there's something compelling about worn signs.
A touch of red apparently catches my eye, such as this red frame inset on this Spanish Revival building
More Spanish Revival on the Baine Building by H. L. Gogerty and Carl Jules Weyl. I can't stop looking at the second floor: wrought iron balconies, Churrigueresque ornament, fancy windows.
Amazing ornamentation on 6654 Hollywood Boulevard building designed by H. L. Gogerty and Carl Jules Weyl.


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