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Ed Ruscha's Hollywood Revisited

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

How much of a difference can 30 years (give or take) make? A little and a lot, if one were to look at Ed Ruscha's Hollywood Boulevard photographs, set in video thanks to the Getty.

A part of the Getty's Overdrive exhibition, the video puts Rusha's 1973 photographs of Hollywood Boulevard side-by-side with a 2002 version taken by the artist on the same street. As the photographs meander from east to west and back again, I was struck by how much of Hollywood's height remained the same. Storefront signs changed, but their essential character stayed true. The only thing that changed were an addition of  few palm trees in the intervening decades. I wonder if, in another 30 years, the same could still be said of Hollywood Boulevard?

Thanks to Nathan Masters for a timely reminder of this video's existence!


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