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Chinatown on foot

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

When I first arrived in Los Angeles, Chinatown didn't really feel like Chinatown. It somehow lacked the air of industry I often associate with Chinatowns like those of San Francisco or Manila, but again, Los Angeles is a different city. Its Chinatown is a mix of Latino, Asian and a bit of Italian. The Chinese population may have moved further east to Alhambra, but what the spaces they left behind are slowly been taken up by galleries and design shops that add their creative flavor to a neighborhood that's always been an amalgam of influences.

This is the second oldest operating school in the city. This Aztec mural is prominently displayed on its gates.
The school's Asian mural a few steps from the mural above. 
The Pacific Alliance Medical Center is the city's oldest hospital. It was built by French citizens who found themselves in Los Angeles.
One of the gates to Chinatown's artsy district has a mural by German street artist Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) & Akut (Falk Lehman) = Herakut.
Here's a Chinatown I've come to expect, but it's more than that now.
I love this color combination.
What's LA's Chinatown without a little Hollywood?
Science-inspired art at the Institute for Figuring
Hyperbolic space model made with pipe cleaners.
Fractal business cards.
Sano is a street artist, whose works were part of MOCA's Art in the Streets show. He does screenprinting from a very efficient space in Chinatown.
Sano's view.
The new Bruce Lee statue at the Plaza.


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