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Found: Malibu Hindu Temple

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

What I love most about living in Los Angeles is the element of surprise. You think you know Los Angeles, but baby, you don't.

While driving through the canyons on my way back home, I happened upon this gem. Despite its size in the photographs I took, the temple was actually obscured by large mounds of soil that faced the busy road. I had only glanced outside my car window just in time to see a tantalizing glimpse of temple's gorgeously fashioned facade.

The Malibu Hindu Temple is a temple of the Hindu god Venkateswara. When the Hindu Temple Society of Southern California built it, they certainly did a supreme job of it. The temple had a serene air about it. Its white face was clean as fresh, fallen snow, while hints of gold glinted in the cool winter sun.

I walked the temple grounds, but first, I had to remove my shoes. Feeling the cold floor under my feet outdoors was a new experience. That strangeness heightened my senses, allowing me to take in more than I probably would have.

Despite the temple's relative isolation at the time. It was evident people used the space regularly. A few relics were left here and there. Little bits of incense were still lit. A small drawing made from chalk dust was stark against the black floor. Here was a world I couldn't even begin to understand, but I was fascinated.

I do love temples because by their being, they are rooted in something much, much older than anyone living. Find out more about the temple here.


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