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Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I love seeing the sun rise and set, but I'm hardly up during the former and too busy during the latter. The picture below was taken at Wrightwood, right before going on an admittedly dreaded ski trip.

The last time I had attempted to ski, only bruises and pain were there to greet me. I remembered the cold air, how it seeped into every seam. Surrounded by snow, there was no escape from it. I left the first time with a vow to detest the cold and the thought of skiing.

Life such as it is offered a second chance. Despite my misgivings, I took it. For the second time, I had heavy, painful plastic boots on my feet and sturdy skis attached to them. Instead of pain, I found to my surprise that I actually got it. When the instructor said to dig in my heels, I did. When he said to put my weight forward, I did. Magically, I didn't stumble (although I did eventually.) I found myself on a gentle slope and gliding down. Oh yes, I definitely panicked at some point, but a part of me remained calm and carried on. I fell, but at least this time I did it from a slope rather than a puny hill.

Looking back, I realized there were many things that were different from the first time I skied. When before, my mind was gripped with panic, now a bit of reason wedged in. I learned to listen to my body more, learning where my weight was actually placed. Most of all, I learned not to be paralyzed by "what ifs." What if I fall and break a bone? What if I go too fast? What if I fall out of control? All what ifs that have yet to come true.

Like in life, when we think too much about "what ifs," we stunt possibility. Instead, there is now, where nothing has yet happened and the past has already slipped away. While preparing to thrust my body downhill, I thought, "Just let nature do the work, and you'll handle it when something arises." It's a good reminder for the start of the year.

2013 is still young, fresh and new. Yes, there could be a lot of hardships ahead, but that day is not yet here. Instead, there is today, a new day. Dare I say it? A new dawn.


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