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What will the New Year bring?

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

As the -ber months come to a close, I always find myself looking back to see what a difference a year makes and look forward to the new year ahead, wondering, "What will this new year bring this time around?"

Much to my delight, my questions were somehow echoed by this GIF greeting from the New Museum. It asks all the questions just lingering in the corner of my brain. Who will we meet? Who will we love? What will change us?

The answer lies only in the next 365 days. There aren't shortcuts to discovery our futures. All one can do is to send those questions out into the world.

The act of wondering is exactly what artist Anna Lundh brings about in "Q&Q 2022." It's a digital message in a bottle if you will. Lundh is asking anyone with an internet question to ask the world to ponder what the future will be like by submitting a series of questions.

Lundh's project is a modern-day and ultra expanded version of "Telex: Q&A" where telex machines in Stockholm, Tokyo, Ahmedabad in India and New York, sent questions around the world in 1981. Instead of just asking people in those four cities to participate, Q&Q 2022 now allows the whole world to participate. What a difference a decade makes, doesn't it?

Wondering about the future yourself? Add in your question or browse other peoples' questions on Lundh's site. Some of my favorites:

  • Will we still have ice cream and junk food? 
  • Will we be able to garden on our rooftops all year round with seeds that can reproduce? 
  • Is Korea united? 
What are you wondering this end of the year season? 


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