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The Dino in the Room

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Those of us old enough to remember Jurassic Park remember the scare we get whenever those mean-looking velociraptors get some screentime in the movie. Now, thanks to an All Things Considered episode aired two days ago, I'm reminded that may be handing out some payback of our own, every time we eat a our thanksgiving meal.

Robert Siegel sits down to speak with Dr. Michael Ryan, discoverer of a new dinosaur species discovery, the Xenoceratops. While winding up, Ryan reminds listeners that every bird is a dinosaur, though not all dinosaurs alive were birds-- and that every thanksgiving, we're having a big dinosaur to eat.

He goes on to make the comparison between velociraptors and turkey bones:
...if you're lucky enough to have a nice, big turkey and you totally consume it, as most families would do, so you've got a table full of bones, if you pick up one of the leg bones or one of the ribs or one of the vertebra and you hold it in your hand, it's about the same size and shape as something like velociraptor, those little carnivorous dinosaurs you see in the movies all the time. And I would bet that if you took your upper leg bone, the femur from a turkey and held it beside a velociraptor femur that's been fossilized for 70-plus million years, you'd have a hard time telling which one is which if you didn't know which one was fossil.
Mmmmmmmmm.... revenge never tasted so good!

(On a side note, Jurassic Park velociraptors may not have been velociraptors at all, but a different dino species. Link here.)

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


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