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Point Reyes Congolomerate

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

No, that's not a big, multinational company that rules the world, but it is the rather stuffy name for a beautiful formation only found on Point Reyes National Seashore, the windiest part of the West Coast (or so the park ranger says).

While on a weekend trip to the Point Reyes lighthouse, I found these outcroppings and I was mesmerized. I had seen cliffs and such, but never up this close and also never this compelling. They somehow remind me of the fluffy singed tops of a lemon merengue pie. The rocks seem to swirl and slither across the face of the cliff, their edges lightly burned by the sun.

Scientists say "the sands, pebbles, and boulders that make up the conglomerate were transported by fast-flowing streams, currents, and underwater landslides to the marine environment where the rock formed." I believe them. Peering at these formations, one can almost feel the swift currents that held all these rocks undertow.

Orange moss used by Cowgirl Creamery for their Red Hawk blend.
We brag about man-made architecture, but nature's handiwork is all around us. It is especially clear when driving up north to Point Reyes. Along the way, we drove through golden fields and trees that eventually bowed to the force of the wind.

Giant tree, slightly bowed.


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