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Color in space and happiness

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

If you're on Pinterest, you'll find that most people have boards for their home, for their office, but they also have a special board that's just reserved for color. It's a lesson we all learn as children, color literally brightens our world. It also uplifts our mood. Never underestimate the impact of one solid color.

Take for example, OK Go's latest video, "Skyscrapers." In it, two lithe dancers tango across the video screen wearing clothes that match the bold colors that pop out. Red. Orange. Green. Blue. All the colors of the rainbow were covered. The romantic and simple execution brought a smile to my face.

Photos via Colossal.
Despite our love for color, I think many people are still quite afraid of it. Case in point: check out the Dwell's home tour slideshows. Out of 24 slideshows, I found maybe one or two that didn't use white for their walls. Can't we be a little more courageous with color?

Hygge house. Photos via Dwell.
Don't get me wrong, I love the cleanliness of white with touches of wood, but if this video is anything, it's a reminder that we need to free ourselves from the usual neutrality of our surroundings. We might end up happier (more in the mood to tango) in the end. Here's the video. Catchy tune too.


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