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I'd go back again

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

A few weeks ago, I turned 30. The number (though it is just that) comes with it some emotional baggage and so I managed to find a place to truly celebrate living. New Orleans, right after Mardi Gras.

It's a place rich in culture, but unlike other younger cities, it has also gained a bit of wisdom when it comes to how to live life. To the fullest, without overdoing it (except arguably for Bourbon Street.)

Every time I round a new corner in the French Quarter, the siren song of a saxophone, trumpet or clarinet would call to me. In the middle of the day, people would halt their everyday hustle and bustle to listen for a while and, if I'm lucky, to loosen up, bob their hands, and do a little jig. That's life. You find unexpected reasons to be happy and when you do, you make use of it.

I love how, in this city, music spills onto the streets and seeps into one's bones. After a while, you can't help but sway, smile and swing around, even just a little.

Doreen's New Orleans jazz band.
Street sweeper-dancer extraordinaire.

Smoking Time jazz band and two dancers.

This little guy just walked around casually then busted out a note, on cue, every time. Amazing.


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