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Time, slow down!

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I often find myself fretting about time, or the lack of it. There is so much I want to accomplish, but find that I don't have enough time to see it all through. Every day, I go through the practice of prioritizing all my tasks, writing them out on a board and hoping that I can check one or two items off the list. The result is me feeling like I'm always on the clock.

Then, there are days that I forget about the stopwatch. I forgive myself and concentrate on just one task (as if failing to multitask is a sin!) In those rare moments of serenity, I find that I actually feel more accomplished than when I race against time. 

Buddhist priest and Zen archery master Hirokazu Kosaka's Kalpa (Sanskrit for "eon") reminds me of that strange quality of time. It flows fast when you're chasing it, but goes slowly when you ramble along with it. 

As Butoh dancers cover the Getty visitors center with colored string, they move around the stage deliberately, slowly unraveling hints of color throughout their makeshift stage. In the same way, life unfolds quite like that. It changes imperceptibly as we move through it year by year, but in the end, we get a rich tapestry of experiences to call our own. 

All photos courtesy of the Getty taken by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging.


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