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Joe Linton's transit sketches

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Riding the Metro in Los Angeles is, for me, always a fun experience. Unlike our closeted apartments and homes, taking public transportation forces you to interact with others and, if you're lucky, be immortalized in someone's sketch book. "Transit makes common public space where people come together, where we look each other in the eyes, and acknowledge each other’s humanity," says Joe Linton.

Linton is the go-to guy for transportation issues. Since moving to LA, he and I have crossed paths again and again when I covered the Los Angeles Eco-village, LA's new Bike Plan or simply even going to transportation-related city events. Aside from being an activist, he's also an accomplished artist, whose drawings blossom seemingly magically from his notepad.

Metro's The Source gives us a peek of Linton's sketchbook plus a great interview. Here's one of my favorite sketches. I love the quick-flowing movement of his pen is captured in the lines. Even though this man is sleeping, it seems everything around him is moving constantly, much like taking the Metro right?

Sketch from Handmade Ransom Notes by Joe Linton.
I usually take a camera along with me for the ride, but I'm starting to think a notebook could be a good alternative. Hope I can draw more than simple stick figures though!


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