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Japanese-Mediterranean blended home

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I'm a huge architecture fan, so when I spotted this oddity on the corner of La Maida and Petit streets, I was captivated. The house is a meld of two different styles: Japanese (or at least Asian) and Mediterranean.

I could understand the Mediterranean influence. We were in California and I regularly saw the tiled roofing that was evidently used on this house, but what mystified me were the Oriental detailing that pervaded the door and window trims, even the edge of the roof.

Their choice of color--red, a lucky color in Chinese tradition--was also striking against a more sedate cream or off-white neighborhood. I wondered who lived in this home and how did they come up with this design? Despite its unusual detailing, it actually blends in well with the surroundings because the main entry was faced away from the usual commuter traffic. What have you seen around your neighborhood lately?


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