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Weekend thought: Island getaways

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

{It's post-holiday season and I find myself missing family and a taste of home, so I thought to write a few posts that will recapture my holiday adventures, as well share with you a glimpse of the Philippines.}

The Philippines is an archipelago made up of about 7,107 islands. In my experience, when I say I come from the Philippines, people would often imagine a backward land full of people living in the boondocks or a frightening place filled with terrorist possibilities. In our defense, that is not all there is.

In the Philippines, an island getaway can be as little as a few hours away. One of my favorite finds in the Philippines has to be sand bars, tiny bits of land that magically appear when the tide is low. In Bohol, I found a great one on Puntod Island.

This pristine island is only visited, but not inhabited. At first, it looks like this, your regular run-of-the-mill island...

But then, look beyond it, and you'll see a lovely crescent outcropping straddling the sea.

If you stand just so, you can imagine yourself being swept away in the middle of the sea. At this particular sand bar, there was nothing to do but be. And it was perfect. The same lesson goes for a perfect Sunday, enjoy the day and just be.

Sand crab. Found at the bar, hanging out.


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