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Seen: Hollywood Post 43

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

During my first Modernism Committee meeting, I was treated to an inside look at Hollywood Post 43. I had been driving by the Post for such a long time now. Right on Highland, Hollywood Post 43 is obscured by the apartment complexes all along the street.

I frankly didn't know what Hollywood Post 43 was, but now I have a better idea. Long before there were veteran organizations, Hollywood Post 43 of the American Legion was there. The American Legion was formed by a woman and a group of WWI veterans to help returning soldiers assimilate to civilian life. The Legion also helped create the G.I. Bill.

Hollywood Post 43 had such strong connections to old Hollywood that it was Cecil B. Demille that helped them find a location and get them started. Lots of Hollywood stars passed by the halls of the post, including Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple. The post also has a beautiful bar that decades later would be the set for the new Star Trek. Remember that fight scene with Captain Kirk? If you look on the corner, there were notches carved out by Humphrey Bogart, perhaps counting how much he had to drink? Or, maybe just etching his place in history.

Blink or you'd miss the sign.
Luxuriously colored bar.
Notches by Bogart.
Next time you're driving down the busy street. Try to spot the post. Learn more about the post here.

Hollywood Post 43

2035 North Highland Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 851-3030
Open to the public on Thursdays


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