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Seen: Galo Graffiti Workshop

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Seeing street art is one thing, making it is quite another.

Last Sunday, a friend invited us to a graffiti workshop taught by pioneer artist, Galo (who now works on commissions for Esquire and more recently Neiman Marcus). We didn't know what would happen, but we found ourselves inside the colorful Tia Chucha's independent bookstore at Sylmar listening to Galo's journey in the art form.

Don't you love the colorful exterior? You wouldn't think to find this in a strip mall, but there it was.
At the end, we tried our hand at our own lettering. Not quite as successfully though. Galo's lecture and instruction made me appreciate the beauty of letters as an art all its own. Galo took us through the basics (just making perfectly symmetrical letters) down to the style of it (making the letters all your own, while still keeping the structure).

Galo and a half-beard. It takes guts to walk out in public looking strange. Props to him!

He was obviously well-read and I loved his reference to Frank Gehry's work, which though plastic in form, still had an internal structure to it, much like the crazy graffiti styles you see on the street.

You've got to make iterations to get it right!
My so-so work of art.
We all left the event feeling a little more creative and appreciative of our basic grade school letters we've all taken for granted.

Galo's workshop is part of the Craft and Folk Art Museum's Folk Art Everywhere program. Best of all, it's free! We even got a free pass to see the museum some other day. Neat.

Here's a list of CAFAM future events. Check them out and see if anything catches your eye.


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