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Free every day: Los Encinos State Park

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

There are just days when you need a breath of fresh air. Other than Balboa Park, I'm lucky to have another smaller park within walking distance.

The Los Encinos State Historic Park is just a tiny park compared to Balboa, but that's part of its beauty. At Los Encinos, you're just there to sit and hang out. The tiny park is right in front of a residential neighborhood (lucky for those living close by) and its best feature is by far the natural spring that now feeds into a pond full of geese and ducks. They say the pool is fed by a natural spring that people and animals would come from miles around to drink from it. Indians lived on the site for centuries.

My husband and I passed by the adobe houses that were on site and went through a small museum, where you can tell just how tall people were at the time. There's still a bit of damage from the Northridge quake, but for the most part everything is intact. But, like I said, the best part of the park is the pond. On days when I just don't want to do anything, I'd go just to see the birds doing their thing.

Not a lot of people come though, which is why the park was targeted for a shutdown late last year. Fortunately, an anonymous donor gave a whopping $150,000, which should be enough to save it, at least for the meantime. Go, before the park closes, and if you love it, perhaps you'll be part of saving it too!

Los Encinos State Historic Park
16756 Moorpark St.
Encino CA 91436-1068

10 am to 5 pm
Wednesday through Sunday.
Admission is free


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