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I went to the library today to pick up some books. I had expected only three and mentioned the fact to the friendly library behind the desk. When I checked online, the last book was still marked "In Transit." I had hoped to get all four books at the same time, but I had already resigned myself to the reality that I was going to make another trip at some later date.

But lo and behold, the librarian said the magic words, "I'll check in the back for that last book." And she found it. The last book just arrived and were waiting to be filed. What a wonderful surprise and what a sweet lady!

This is my last haul from the library for a while:

Creative Inc. is a nice and handy how-to guide for creative freelancing. Now, I've been been freelancing for a while, but it always helps to start a fire in your drive every now and again. I'll probably get some great tips from these two. Joy's blog (Oh Joy!) has become one of my perennial favorites. She seems to have a knack for making things irresistible--a quality I'd love to acquire whenever I make my pitches.

Ever since LACMA's California Design exhibition, I've developed a deeper fascination with the design roots of the Golden State. I thought I'd bone up with California Design: The Legacy of West Coast Craft and Style.

The most satisfying part of any story is the human element, even if the story is about an architectural movement. Women and the Making of the Modern House was a recommendation that seemed to fit the bill. Friedman, the author, takes personal letteres, diaries, records and albums and turns them into a story of the making of a home and a reflection of the lives that were intertwined with these architectural landmarks.

Dominique Browning was first introduced to me through Debbie Millman's Design Observer. Through her hour-long interview, I got to know a bit more about this talented writer who had a knack for tugging at my heartstrings. Since then, I've been following her blog, Slow Love Life and I've often found myself archiving her posts for future reference. Now, I'm finally checking out her book, hoping for a little inspiration.

I'm leaving to get married in a few days, so I'm going to do some marathon reading. In the middle of all the wedding craziness, I'm hoping I find the time to tell you how these books were!


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