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Seen: Wilshire Christian Church

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I was walking around Koreatown (which has a ton of architecture that reminded me of 70s Makati, Philippines, by the way) when I spied this massive Neo-Romanesque building and I just had to take a quick shot. I was extra fortunate to catch the church's reflection on the building across too!

This church was massive, but had a lot of intricate detailing. The Rose window looks to be gorgeous with stained glass in each petal. The towers soared and an apse sprung out unexpectedly adding more volume. I wondered how the inside looked, but didn't really have the time to peek.

Turns out, the church is a historical landmark, which was built in the 1920s. The congregation itself is more than a hundred years old. Floyd B. Bariscale has a pretty detailed historical background over at Big Orange Landmarks, including archival photos. Check out the church's website, which has some impressive interior shots.

Just goes to show you, it pays to walk sometimes. I've been to this part of town so many times, but never really saw this building, nor the others that surround it on Normandie and Wilshire.


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