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Free any weekend: Hike by the beach

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

This weekend is going to be about the confluence of water and land. Last week, I hiked for the second time in my life. Instead of hiking the more famous Hollywood sign, our friends took us somewhere that could arguably be more California, Point Mugu.

Situated right beside the Pacific Ocean, this Point Mugu has inclines, rolling terrain and flatlands all in one trail. (Many sites say it's an easy hike, but my non-pumped self begs to differ. I had some difficulty when there were sudden inclines, but was okay for the most part.) We went to see the magnificent views of the Pacific, but it was super foggy that day. We saw sneak peeks of the Pacific, but got a lot more mysterious fog that added drama to our hike.

The crew.
The fog.
I loved the flatlands best. Point Mugu is one of the last places that you can still find native SoCal grassland. If that's what I saw, then I loved it. It was a bit itchy to go through such tall grass and the path was hardly wide enough for one skinny person, but its rustic un-tread nature also made me feel quite adventurous. Add the mountains and the fog in the background I almost imagined myself with a cowboy hat, exploring a brave new world.

Suddenly steep elevations and mostly rocky terrain.
Cacti shaped like hearts and crescent moons.
Cacti bud. Now that's a fierce looking flower.
Fog at the top.
Wheat, grassland at the bottom. Not so sure, but I do know they get much, much taller. 
Is that a Star Trek-y station in the distance?
My favorite part.
I could totally lose myself here...literally.
Here are great resources our more experience hiker friends sent us. Hikespeak shares some great pictures of what Point Mugu is supposed to look like, Pacific Ocean views and all. Modern Hiker gives us the 411. This is also a good map.

Happy hiking!


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