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Encino Farmer's Market every Sunday

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Why did I not know about this earlier?!

The Encino Farmer's Market is about two miles away from me and it's a great resource for everyone nearby. I've been scrounging around nearby markets *ahem, Sherman Oaks* but the Encino edition completely blows the competition away. I went twice in one day. I was pleasantly surprised that I could easily bike my way over there using the bike lanes from my home to the market.

Rows and rows of stalls!
We bought a lot from her stand.
There were stalls and stalls of fresh produce, flowers, even bags and jewelry. I often saw families manning the counters (including hardworking and very respectful children.) The only thing I couldn't find at the market was milk.

My favorite part of the market was actually the front entrance, where all the dogs were watched over by the greeters. (Pets aren't allowed near the food lest they make lunch out of it.) The dogs were so well-behaved. I asked politely as Carlos and I both got to do a little rubbing behind the ears of some friendly ones. Here are some other things I saw:

I was fascinated by pink things that pop up everywhere. Can someone tell me what these are?

These were pink leaves on one side and green on the other. Pretty cool.
This is the same flower but I focused on the furry petals.
Are these radishes? I love the blush that comes up each stalk :)
I also spied a few manly men with a few finds of their own. Nice to know that grocery shopping isn't a gender-specified activity anymore.

He looked so stoic but was holding so many sunflowers. It cracked me up.
I enjoyed how the tomatoes popped out of his reusable bag.
The Encino Farmer's Market is open every Sunday (the whole year!) 8 am to 1 pm at 17400 Victory Boulevard (between White Oak and Louise). Admission is free, though a donation is welcome. Details here.


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