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Drinks to get at Culver City's Seventy7 Speakeasy

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

If you're ever in Culver City, see if you can wander along one little alley that leads into the city's newest speakeasy, Seventy7. As usual, I knew nothing of this place, but it was a pleasant surprise after a whole day at the noise and bustle of IndieCade.

Nothing distinguished it from the outside. But inside, the decor was downright opulent. The lights were low, the music was going and the best part was that we were early. No maddening crush of people just yet.

The bar's specialty drink list has a few knockouts (every one needs special preparation, according to our lovely bartender.) We tried out two:

The Smortini is a campfire classic transported inside the confines of a bar. I watched the bartender grind a Graham cracker crust and rim the cocktail glass with Godiva chocolate liqueur. She mixed vodka and and vanilla schnapps together, threw on some marshmallows and (for the grand finale) torched the marshmallows. Whoo!

The Smortini might have the crowds going wild, but this simple drink is my poison of choice. The East LA Cafe is a drink rooted in the Mexican horchata. Its mix of rum chata (where can I get that?), pearl coconut vodka, rhubarb bitters and a bit of cinnamon goes down easy and is sweet to the palette. The fact that it wasn't served in a condescending cocktail glass was a bonus! Hey, I'm drinking an arguably girly drink, but that doesn't mean I have to broadcast it to the world.

Stop by the Seventy7 on 3843 Main St; Culver City. Get in with the ever-changing password available everyday on Twitter.


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