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California (Design) Dreamin' part 6

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Speaking of living rooms, LACMA's California Design exhibition had a standout of a living room moved right into the Resnick Pavilion. It was a living room that hadn't much changed since the 1980s when the last of its two iconic owners, Ray Eames, had passed away.

When I spoke to curator Wendy Kaplan, she had strong convictions about getting a real lived-in room into the exhibition. The modern lifestyle doesn't become visceral unless you can see it in action, says Kaplan.

The Eameses had an amazing living room space (as you can easily see here). Unlike the usual stereotypical clean and spare modern living room, the Eames living room felt truly lived in with layers upon layers of items all around. LACMA had moved over 1,800 objects from the Eameses home in Pacific Palisades to LACMA and restored a few of them along the way. Many of the items had sentimental value, said the informational material, including leopards from Billy Wilder exchanged for a Calder stabile.

This is a room well-used, loved and truly lived in. Though it's about ten miles from its original location, it beautifully captures the ideals of modern living.

Ladies agog over the living room.
The living room alcove was a getaway within a getaway.
The bookshelves were overflowing, the throws were layered upon each other, but I loved the ladder the most. Using the ladder, the Eameses could hang little trinkets from the ceiling of their home.
My favorite corner. The Eames lounge chair and ottoman underneath a restored Japanese lantern. Wouldn't I love to sink into that.
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Curious to visit the Eames house? A visit is only $10. Details here.


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