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California (Design) Dreamin' part 2

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

LACMA's California Design exhibition is an overwhelming and joyful collection of designed objects over a sixty-year period. It's natural to feel deluged by so much, so I'm picking out a few of my favorites in a mini-series, so I'll remember what really caught my eye.

Today, the spotlight goes to Arthur Espenet Carpenter, a master craftsman and self-taught woodworker. His Rib Chair was a bold and masculine piece that stood out from the light and airy pieces lined up beside it. Its deep black cushion and strong backbone (pun intended!) exuded primal luxury in sleek proportions. 

Front view of the chair by The Mitzkin Revolution.
Back view by Carren Jao.
Check out Arthur's uber-popular wishbone chair and a sleek update to the stodgy rocker.

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