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Seen: Park(ing) Day LA

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Park(ing) Day in Los Angeles was mostly overcast, but mini-parks still sprung around Los Angeles. It'd be a feat to see everyone of the parks, so I didn't really try. I did manage to get a good look at three in the Hollywood/Silver Lake area with the help of the awesome Sam Lubell. Here's what I saw:

 1) Standard and deLab's Local Park on Sunset

You've heard me talk about the many awesome events at deLab, so it's not a surprise that I enjoyed their latest experiment stationed in front of Local. Architecture and design firm Standard, with principals Jeffrey Allsbrook and Silvia Kuhle, were behind the cannot-be-missed P-A-R-K sign done ala Hollywood sign (complete with a massive mountain on the background). Behind each letter was a little sandbox and a chair perfect for afternoon sunbathing. Now, if only the sun would cooperate. It hid behind clouds the whole day.

Local PARK. Get it? :)

Bare feet on sand is one of life's little pleasures.
Great place to read the paper.
2) Echo Park Time Bank

This park had a more activist concept. The Echo Park Time Bank stationed right in front of an abandoned Circuit City and conducted a community visioning, recording what people thought would be a great use of the space. Some suggestions that were written out were skate park, roller rink, permaculture hub and many other possibilities.

The time bank also offered great refreshment, infusions of Clarity, Absolute Joy, Pure Love and other similar attractive states of mind. Based on the amount left in each bottle, Clarity seemed the most in demand. I suppose everyone's looking for a little direction in these rough economic times.

Big red and abandoned Circuit City.
Autumn and the idea guy behind these bottled infusions.
3) Traveler's Bookcase on Third and North Kings Road

These guys took up the most space. Using up three parking spaces, Helen Jupiter (of Front Yardening) and Stephanie Humphrey (of Plant and Play) showcased their urban gardening skills by creating a generous greenery right on the swanky street of Santa Monica. Their spot was a comparative mansion when set beside the other mini-parks.

The first space held seedlings and plants meant to explain the process of pollination and its benefits to vegetation.
Helen Jupiter giving away lettuce seedlings.
The second was an outdoor reading outpost filled with travel books thanks to Traveler's Bookcase.
Travel readers' paradise
Finally, the last spot was taken up by Sasha Ross, knitter extraordinaire and manager at Hand's On Third. By the time we got there, she had already knitted covers for two parking meters.
Knitting the day away with a primo view of the streetscape.
They were lovely people and I hope more passers-by had the chance to enjoy a cheeky piece of greenery right by the rather lux shopping area.

Here are more photos. What did you see on Park(ing) Day?


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