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Photos: LA Urban Rangers' Critical Campout

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I was lucky enough to get a spot at the LA Urban Rangers' last event with MOCA's Engagement Party, the Downtown Ecotone Trail hike. But even without a reservation, there was lots to see and do at the MOCA Grand trailhead.

Here's what went on before my hiking group came along: 

Stephanie was one of the earlier campers to arrive for the LA Urban Rangers' Critical Campout, where people actually get to set up tent underneath the city's shadow. Very cool.
Stephanie's setting up her "pyramid" right by MOCA's pyramid roof.
Taste and see the difference between LA's tap water systems. The difference is in the age of pipes and water sources.
This is what our water sommelier says.
See Los Angeles with the ecologist's lens. I walked that! (At least part of it.)
If all else fails, talk to a ranger. This is Ranger Nick. He's an urban geographer and he studies how culture affects nature and vice versa. He can tell you a lot.
Did you end up going to any LA Urban Ranger event? I'd love to hear what happened.


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