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Free tom: Streets for People: Park(ing) Day LA

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Why be indoors when you could be outdoors? Tomorrow (Friday! Yay!) get out and savor the sunshine along with other Angelenos as they turn a piece of the concrete jungle into a real jungle (they'll try anyway.)

CC Licensed by Gelatobaby.
This Friday is the fifth annual Park(ing) Day LA, where groups of Angelenos take over parking spaces and turn these metered monsters into mini parks. People tend to get creative (by using bras as makeshift canopies, adding a tire swing, or my favorite, adding sunflowers to the mix), but really it's an excuse to enjoy the streets and other pedestrians in similar need of sunshine.
CC Licensed by Valerita.
Park(ing) Day began in San Francisco when Rebar, "transformed a metered parking spot into a park-for-a-day in an effort to make a public comment on the lack of quality open space in American cities." Since then, the concept has rallied people into imagining their own public green spaces around the world. Now, I just wonder, do people still pay the meter? Hm....
Park(ing) Day 2008 by Rios Clementi Hale. CC Licensed by taviivat.
There are lots of Park(ing) Day events to choose from, but I'm eyeing the deLab event at Local. If you go, see you there! Happy hour is from 4 to 5 pm.

Watch out for Park(ing) Day updates on Facebook. You never know who else is going to come up with something kooky, crazy and park-tastic.


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