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Why I Love the LA Public Library

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Back in the Philippines, libraries are musty rooms that hardly ever get a new influx of books, so when I discovered the US public library system, I was overjoyed. I could borrow as many books as I can handle without paying a fee and their collections get updated too?! That sounds like a wonderful deal to me.

I geeked out again at the library with these architecture and design books. I know I'm a library lover, but I forget just how much until I leave the library with a stack of heavy books in hand, grinning like a fool.

Here are my indulgences for the month:
Debbie Millman's Look Both Ways is a series of visual essays. I hadn't realized when I borrowed the book that every page was designed differently. I sometimes tire of seeing the same typeface on books, so this will be a treat! Barbara Bestor's Bohemian Modern Living is colorful inside and out. I've already glimpsed at some at home interior projects I'd be willing to test on my little abode. Ada Louise Huxtable's On Architecture chronicles the changes in architecture through a lifetime of writings by one of the most approachable architecture critics I've come across.


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