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Post office pasttime

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I went to the Post Office last week. It was the first time in a very long time. These days, you can do everything online, but I haven't figured out how to buy stamps digitally yet. It's a good thing too. 

When I stepped up to the counter at the Post Office, the lady--who only had one other customer to take care of--asked me, which kind of stamps I was looking. Confused, I said, "What do you have?" 

This was her cue to bring out a whole flipbook of Forever stamps of every kind. There were stamps that had astronauts, planets, dogs, flowers, and of course, the liberty bells. I felt like I was a kid again, flipping through my older sister's stamp collection. 

That's when my eyes fell to this collection. Just in time for the Industrial Design Day this year, USPS released the Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamp set highlighting the makers behind some of these classic household items that have shaped modern life.

Frederick Hurten Rhead's Fiesta pitchers are my favorite. I love their solid, streamlined and joyful look. You can check out some of his work online at the LACMA digital collection. What about you, anything caught your eye?

My supply of stamps is running low, but now I think I'll stop looking for a digital way to replenish my supply. After all, someone has to peruse all of USPS's stamps right?


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