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Iconathon in LA

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Last Saturday, I got some sunshine and a crash course on symbol design at LA's first ever Iconathon, design charettes organized to create new symbols for use in the public domain. Symbols that can be used for mobile apps, web projects and even real-life signage.

You're going to be hearing more from me about the project soon, but in the meantime, you can see a bit of the fun, crazy, rapid symbol prototyping that happened last weekend.

Atwater Crossing was an excellent venue. It had sunshine, lots of table space and a restaurant beside us!

The Noun Project's Edward Boatman, our resident symbol expert.

The Noun Project's Sofya Polyakov shows off the noun folders, an information brief that gives us a running start in creating an appropriate symbol.

Code for America's Chacha Sikes is hard at work at the Iconathons! She's been making a how-to for anyone who wants to plan their own.

Pop quiz! What does this symbol mean to you? (Answer, for those who want to know, that's a possible "farm to school" symbol.)

Urban & Environmental Policy Institute's Amanda Shaffer tries her hand at sketching "locally grown."

Some of my conspirators concocting a symbol for "beekeeping."

So, so, so many options for "locally grown."

Symbolizing "locally grown" was a tough one! I drew the truck on the upper left hand side even if I haven't picked up a pen in so long, but we liked the elegant execution of a carrot and the Google place marker on the bottom right.

Does this say GMO to you? We think it does!

This symbol for guerilla gardening got instant approval and provoked the question, "Why would anyone want a symbol for guerilla gardening if it's illegal?" Hmmm..... Good question.

Unfortunately, the LA has a one and only run, but if you're going to be in Boston, Chicago and New York City, you should definitely check it out.


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