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Closing today: Art in the Streets

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

The line to enter MOCA's "Art in the Streets" exhibition continue to be long for good reason. It's my second time back and I still managed to find more things I somehow missed the first time around...and I was exhausted the first time!

A jewel added on after I first came through the exhibition is undoubtedly street artist Swoon's Ice Queen. Painstakingly made in about a month, "Ice Queen" turns a MOCA hallway into a white tent dominated by 15-foot tall mixed media installation. Rendered in a swath of delicate paper cut, it supposedly depicts the artist's grandmother nicknamed "Ice Queen" and juxtaposes it with a silver fox, referencing Russian experiments to domesticate the breed.

Though Swoon's work can be seen around the Arts District area, her work is in excellent form at the exhibition. Her paper cut work in black and white brought unexpected delicacy and minimalist nostalgia in an exhibition known for chaos and a sometimes overzealous use of color.

I also love the play of shadows her paper cut projected off the white cloth, reminiscent of shadow play bu t on a much, much larger scale.

See a time lapse of the Ice Queen installation:

Don't miss Swoon's Ice Queen on Monday at the MOCA. It's your last chance! Best of all, admission is free thanks to Banksy! (Really!) Click on this link for more details, maps and admission information.


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