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Around the (Barker) Block

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I often find myself in the Arts District, but I admit, I never really have time to explore. I did get a crash course in street art a few weeks ago and I often find myself in SCI-Arc, but I haven't really been out for a nice quiet walk. Yesterday, I found time to do that.

I started small, with a simple walk around the super large Barker Block. It was a sunny day without a lot of hub bub, so it almost felt like a quiet meditation. If things are getting a little crazy where you are, I would recommend this to ease frayed nerves. I certainly came out with a more peaceful appreciation of simple joys.

The aforementioned block.

This car fits right in with the cafe's bright mosaic tiles. I love it.

Sweet treats at Urth Caffe. I found a nice spot on the patio to relish it.

Found by one of the long windows along the Barker Block. This kitty's setting a good example.


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