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Why It's Not the End of the World on #Carmageddon

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

I walked around City Hall yesterday and everyone I passed by on the street had Carmageddon on their lips. LA has really done a great job spreading the word (and maybe a little bit of the hysteria), but I'm personally leaning on the side of excitement.

While others are choosing to flee town, others are taking this chance to show what Los Angeles can do without their supposedly precious highway. I love the idea of walking toward the Mulholland Bridge. When else can you do it right?

On top of that, I saw this on my news feed late last night and I thought, "Go, LA!" It read: "The Wolfpack Hustle, one of L.A.'s most skilled and experienced cycling groups, is challenging JetBlue Airlines to a race from Burbank to Long Beach."

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An airplane versus a bike, you say? Yes, you got it. These Angelenos are proving that we're not all cooped up at home waiting for the roads to open. There are more enjoyable ways to get around without having to use the highway.

I'm placing my bet on the bikes. What about you? Here's how the whole kooky wonderful idea came about (through a series of half-meant jokes and quick turns of fate). Follow the #FlightVsBike adventure on Twitter tomorrow. Better yet, say hi, by stopping by their route (on the bottom of the Bike Commute News post).


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