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Show me your room, Herman Miller

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

There's something a little cold and distant about the word "showroom," don't you think? During the last CreativeMornings Los Angeles, I took a peek inside the Herman Miller Showroom in Culver City.

As you can expect, everything did look magnificent, but on top of that there was a feeling that this room didn't just exist for show. The showroom in fact hosted events such as CreativeMornings and they also opened their doors for professionals looking to work for a few hours. Wow! I was amazed at their hospitality.

The Herman Miller showroom moved from a downtown high-rise to a more industrial space in Culver City. It was renovated by Lynch/Eisinger/Design with interiors by TVS Design.

Outside, only the Herman Miller logo against a Cor-Ten steel exterior tells you you're in the right place. The Douglas fir slatted walls also add an extra visual interest, especially when the sun batters down on the space.

The huge lighting fixtures (which don't look so large compared to the warehouse-like room) were inspired by Richard Serra's aesthetic.

But awe-inspiring as the showroom is, the true eye-catchers for me were all things white.

The white 3D sculpture just outside the door looked darling and somewhat organic. "Daisy Face" was designed by Alexander Girard, who designed for Herman Miller from the 50s to 70s.

The white Eames lounge chair and ottoman was gorgeous and felt the same. I lay down on this briefly and I never wanted to get up.

Then, these elegant white bottles by potter Sara Paloma were displayed like a little family waiting for you by the doorstep. Lovely.

Julie at Herman Miller extended an invitation to come and work out of the showroom sometime. I might just take up that offer.


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