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Seen: Little Tokyo Design Week

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

The strange thing about covering an event in advance is that I'm as curious as everyone how everything will turn out. I was looking forward to the first-ever Little Tokyo Design Week, so I stopped by just before it opened to get a sneak peek. Though I did come for the design, I found myself simply enjoying a leisurely walk around this part of Los Angeles.

The most iconic part of Little Tokyo. I love seeing the lanterns swing.

This structure looked to be an igloo made out of cardboard.

The EDV-01 emergency housing can sustain two adults for a month!

I love walkways with character. See how this one has fans on the street? It's just the like the one in Chinatown, but with fans instead of dragons.

The Farbar entrance was soooooo subtle. It's almost like a secret hangout. I like it.

Food Futures was one of the striking exhibitions, but so difficult to capture in photos. It shows the correlation between world population and food supply. The floor was covered in thirty sacks worth of rice grains. When I stepped on it, the smell of rice readily wafted through my nostrils. It transported me back to being back in the Philippines.

This memorial garden for Margaret Kilgallen was lovely. It combined two things I'm currently fascinated with: bikes and gardens.

A happy ending I wish I had. (This was taken the day before when I had dinner with a friend) Dinner and a mango drink. The fried cauliflower appetizer was amazing. Trust me.


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