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Pause. Play.

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

A few days ago, I got a chance walk by some of LA's best street art right in the Downtown Arts District. I had already been to the MOCA show a few months back, but seeing the art in a busy urban setting was a very different experience.

The art was alive because its environment was as well. Unlike the MOCA show (which was in its own way awesome), street art just has such energy to it. People walk past the artwork every day. They sit and have coffee under it, walk their dogs by it or simply stand and chat around it.

Based on what I saw in those fleeting moments, street art isn't a sign of societal decay, but an over-the-top "I was here" sign shared to everyone. They are bold signals--equivalent to glaring red Stop signs--that jar us out of our everyday routine, reminding us to breathe and take in something different today.

Wouldn't you stop and stare at any of these?

The Peace Goddess by Shepard Fairey is gorgeous. It always makes me look.

A commentary on the state of politics today by Fairey is made even sharper by the pointy fence below it.

This Non Toxic Revolution series brings home a point about having way too many chemicals around us today.

People say this is a California Brown Bear by ROA, but this reminds me so much of Falkor, the luck dragon in the Neverending Story.

The owner prized this bird by ROA so much that when he hired people to re-paint his walls, he asked them to carefully paint around each bird feather.
This is a happy collaboration with Dabs Myla, How and NOSM. A big improvement from having just a gray wall.

The works by Dabs Myla are my favorites. They have such a happy, exuberant use of color.

What made you stop awhile today? If you want to take a walking tour of these murals, stop by BloomfestLA this Saturday. The BloomfestLA website doesn't spell it out, but the details of the tour is here.


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