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Hearts and Diamonds on the street

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

It's amazing how many things you notice when you're simply walking. I was meeting up with LA Freewalls's Daniel Lahoda (which just came out today on GOOD) when I noticed an amazing thing (two, in fact).

One, the American Hotel at Third and Traction had hearts over its walls. It didn't seem like graffiti. The hearts were rusty and it looked for all the world like part of the building.

Then, when I walked back to my car on S. Hewitt Street, I saw its fraternal twin (at least in my mind). This one had diamonds all over it instead.

What is up with that? Did people used to put details like these for decoration or did these hearts and diamonds have a specific use?

I'm keeping my eyes out for spades and clubs next time.


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