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Weekend Date 2: Spicy Southern Thai

Posted by Carren Jao Pineda |

Sometimes, the best finds are those just around the neighborhood. Despite Encino being called the "kiss of death" for quality dining on Chowhound, I will never give up hope.

To cap off our weekend of mostly laziness, Carlos and tried out the Elephant Hut on Ventura. The decision wasn't premeditated at all. It was prompted by my fascination with elephants and my craving for something really tasty.

Despite the very Americanized exterior, Elephant Hut was actually authentic. The servers knew their menu and even took us through the more exotic Southern Thai selections. Being the feisty foodies we were, Carlos and I tried our taste buds with the Kua Kling, a super spicy turmeric infused dish that was only a teeny bit less tongue numbing than the Hunan food. (It might be because we asked for medium spicy and not spicy spicy.)

We finished off our meal sipping our own Thai Iced Teas, not knowing it would give both of us the jitters. We were up all night!


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